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Electric motor is spending more energy in industries

The electric motor used in most industries is the three-phase motor and single-phase induction, synchronous and direct current. There are many types of electric motor operation and the rated power of the electric motor ranging from 1 kW to hundreds of kW.

The cost of electricity for the electric motor is high and it requires that there be a special care program for the conservation of electricity. The three-phase electric induction motor is the most significant in the electricity spent.

The losses in three-phase electric motor are divided between: losses in the winding; or copper; iron losses, or empty; mechanical losses, related to friction in the bearings and power ventilation; additional losses resulting from the nonuniform distribution of the current in the winding and additional iron losses.

Maximo income in which the electric motor operates varies depending on their construction, ie, the rated power and its sync speed.

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