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Understand how the electric motor stator comprises

The electric motor has two separate parts which are each other: the stator and the rotor. The stator is the set of elements which are fixed the casing of the electric motor and the rotor has elements that are fixed around its axis.

The housing integrating the electric motor stator is who bears the rotor, the poles and the closing of the magnetic path; once the field winding are coils that are responsible for generating a magnetic field in the poles intensely; the poles or pole shoes that are also part of the electric motor stator are distributing the magnetic flux that is produced by the field coils and the brushes are carbon and graphite bars that are always in contact with the switch.

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The electric motor always has a nameplate and in it are described their main features.

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Electric motor and the environment

There are many sectors that are using electric motor because it is more beneficial in some parts than other machines that will perform the same function the same. It is interesting that you know that the electric motor is less harmful to the environment and why it is being adopted in automobile segments, for example.

There are other segments that also use the engine due to economy and efficiency it offers. For those unaware, the engine will be responsible for transforming electrical energy into mechanical energy, and the difference is in the efficiency and economy offered by it.

The automotive sector is a good example to show that the electric motor and less harmful to the environment. No wonder that the proposal is that this change will reach new models of vehicles that will be produced in the world, but we do not know what will be the positioning of carmakers about it.

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