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Understand how the electric motor stator comprises

The electric motor has two separate parts which are each other: the stator and the rotor. The stator is the set of elements which are fixed the casing of the electric motor and the rotor has elements that are fixed around its axis.

The housing integrating the electric motor stator is who bears the rotor, the poles and the closing of the magnetic path; once the field winding are coils that are responsible for generating a magnetic field in the poles intensely; the poles or pole shoes that are also part of the electric motor stator are distributing the magnetic flux that is produced by the field coils and the brushes are carbon and graphite bars that are always in contact with the switch.

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The electric motor always has a nameplate and in it are described their main features.

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Electric motor and the environment

There are many sectors that are using electric motor because it is more beneficial in some parts than other machines that will perform the same function the same. It is interesting that you know that the electric motor is less harmful to the environment and why it is being adopted in automobile segments, for example.

There are other segments that also use the engine due to economy and efficiency it offers. For those unaware, the engine will be responsible for transforming electrical energy into mechanical energy, and the difference is in the efficiency and economy offered by it.

The automotive sector is a good example to show that the electric motor and less harmful to the environment. No wonder that the proposal is that this change will reach new models of vehicles that will be produced in the world, but we do not know what will be the positioning of carmakers about it.

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Basics of electric motor

Understanding the basics of electric motor is an interesting procedure, mainly because it will show you how to give the proper operation of this machine. This machine has undergone significant changes over the years and today is increasingly present in industrial and commercial segments.

The electric motor is a machine responsible for making the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. Initially, it was developed to meet the needs of industries, but today it can also be present in various trade products. Several models have been created over the years.

In order to perform its function, the electric motor reelcraft uses the principles of electromagnetism. This machine can make this energy conversion efficient and economical way, so that it is more used than other machines that perform the same function. The price of motor also ends up being more affordable, it is an investment that is worthwhile.

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Understand how the moment of inertia influence on the electric motor

If the electric motor has a coupled rotating mass at one point inertia is equal to that of the electric motor, the reversing times and departure and therefore, there are losses when it is compared the electric motor time to empty, tends to be double.

The original thermal equilibrium electric motor may be restored when there is a reduction in the number of reversals by 50%. The relationship between the time of the empty allowed and permitted load with reversal of time reversal usually occurs when it is equal to the relation between the moment of inertia of the electric motor and the moment of total inertia.

The inertia factor is the ratio between the total moment of inertia which is referred to and further to the electric motor shaft and where there is the inertia of the electric motor.

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Electric motor performance characteristics must be carefully assessed

Two of the most important points to consider in the use of an electric motor are the selection and application of the electric motor. These two points are important because they involve many factors that relate to the installation, operation and maintenance.

Factors such as altitude, ambient temperature and ambient atmosphere are also aspects to be considered.

In addition to these, the engine performance characteristics must also be assessed. The most important points to be evaluated in electric motor baldors at best price performance are: the rated power, speed, speed (RPM) or the number of poles that the electric motor has; conjugates that can be nominal, maximum, minimum and locked rotor; the yield; the power factor; the chains may be blocked or nominal rotor and the electric motor operating conditions that may be continuous or intermittent basis.

The electric motor performance characteristics are usually available in electric motor catalog.

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Electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy

The electric motor is who transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is the electric motor which combines convenience of transportation, economy, cleaning, low manufacturing cost, basic commands and the electric motor is a construction and rapid adaptation to load product equipment.

The electric motor does not generate energy, but transforms other forms of energy into mechanical energy to make it work. The blender is an appliance that transforms electrical energy into mechanical, for that is how food is moved inside. ULTRASONIC DANCER AND FOLLOWER AR

The electric motor has been used on a large scale, because it will serve to preserve the ozone layer and thus the gases which are harmful are not thrown into the air. In cars, the electric motor is widely used in cars because it saves energy and thus prioritizes the environment and its natural resources.

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Electric motor is spending more energy in industries

The electric motor used in most industries is the three-phase motor and single-phase induction, synchronous and direct current. There are many types of electric motor operation and the rated power of the electric motor ranging from 1 kW to hundreds of kW.

The cost of electricity for the electric motor is high and it requires that there be a special care program for the conservation of electricity. The three-phase electric induction motor is the most significant in the electricity spent.

The losses in three-phase electric motor are divided between: losses in the winding; or copper; iron losses, or empty; mechanical losses, related to friction in the bearings and power ventilation; additional losses resulting from the nonuniform distribution of the current in the winding and additional iron losses.

Maximo income in which the electric motor operates varies depending on their construction, ie, the rated power and its sync speed.

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